The Company

Established in 1986, Dimopoulos Shops has been designing, furnishing, and setting up the most beautiful retail shops in the Greek market for almost 30 years. In this time, our name has become synonymous of elegance, quality, and consistency.


We are striving for style, perfection, and innovation. We have invested in pioneer design solutions and innovative productions methods to provide our customers with the best of services and quality products. 

Design and quality are fundamental to us. We offer 360o solutions to all our clients along every stage of each project: from concept and design to construction and service care. 

How we deliver on this promise? We have sealed strategic partnerships with top manufacturers around Europe, including Fidia, Intrac, Ucge, and Artherma, that allow us to use their unparalleled products in our projects. Even more, we have created a team comprising of passionate and talented architects and interior designers.

With 30 years of experience, we offer our clients exceptional services with the same passion, integrity, and attention to detail.

Our Philosophy


We are founded upon three key principles: progress, sophistication, and professionalism.

We are experienced, quality-driven, and we are pioneers: we invest in research, look into innovative design solutions, and explore groundbreaking productions methods. 

Each project is contemplated and carried out methodically with the customer always at the epicenter of our work and efforts. We want the end result to fulfill each customer’s needs. 

Our Facilities

Dimopoulos Shops is housed in an ultra-modern 6,500 m2 building in Schimatari, Greece.


Following our philosophy, we use the latest technologies to enhance our quality and efficiency and meet our client requests. Our sophisticated production equipment runs with CNC technology and includes the following state-of-the-art machinery:

  • Automatic storage with melamine and mdf panels
  • New line of surface processing for melamine and mdf
  • CNC Centre of processing with ability to weld margins in round shapes
  • New equipment to treat and process metal •   New equipment to process crystals
  • New painting equipment with an anti-pollution system panels
  • New line of surface processing for melamine and mdf

Our Process

We follow the metamorphosis of each space from beginning to end. We provide our clients with a 360o solution that includes the design, the construction, and the installation of our furnishings.

Our Clients

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Want to drop us a line about a project or just say hi? Feel free to contact us at any time.